You know that music lessons will benefit your child’s development more than almost any other activity. You love music and want your child to enjoy it too. But how do you make sure the experience is a great one?


For most parents, and for myself as a teacher, a successful learning experience is one that:

  • helps your child reach his or her full potential

  • instills a life-long appreciation of music

  • is a source of joy, not discouragement or burnout.

When you sign up for lessons at my studio, you can relax knowing they are receiving the best possible experience with music. From the very beginning, their love of music will grow as they progress faster than they expected. As they develop into advanced players, exciting playing opportunities will open up to them.


How I teach: 

My teaching is based on a couple of observations I gathered over the years.


First, an engaged child is a learning child. Boring, repetitive instruction without exploring the why and how is a recipe for burnout (and mediocre playing ability).


Second, what helps each child open up is unique, but there are a few core themes:


1. Healthy challenge that stretches them just beyond their current capability.

As your child will discover, playing the cello is a little like being an acrobat, with many different skills that need to be learned separately and put together. We will learn these skills at a manageable pace that is neither too slow nor overwhelming, in a positive environment. 


2. Curiosity-driven lessons and practice.

Children are naturally very, very curious! I help them channel that curiosity by having them ask questions about their own playing, which helps them figure out solutions to things they find tricky. It is amazing how they will switch from frustration to creative problem solving with just this shift in attitude.


3. Playing music they find beautiful. 

Depending on your child’s age, different music will be exciting to them. When given something they genuinely want to learn to play, focus and engagement skyrockets. 


4. Learning to play music with other young musicians.

I list this last, but it may be the biggest motivator of all, especially once kids get to be pre-teens and teenagers. Fortunately, there are many opportunities available for this, both in school and in after-school programs. In addition to private cello lessons, I organize small group coaching (chamber music) for kids as young as 3rd grade. If you’re interested in chamber music for your child, please see the chamber music program page.



The program:

I offer weekly private lessons for students age 5 and older, beginning to advanced/pre-college level. When the student is ready, I also offer opportunities to perform in studio group classes. 


Students in my studio experience:

  • Music Mastery. Students learn music theory and note-reading from the very beginning, so they become fluent readers as soon as possible.

  • Ease. Students play with technique that is ergonomically healthy and comfortable for their bodies.

  • Confidence in a Group. Students become great listeners and ensemble players and can hold their own, whether in a youth orchestra or chamber group. 

  • Focus. Students grow their ability to focus when they practice, which extends to better focus in all areas of life.

  • Clarity. Students learn all their music in their lessons, so they enjoy feeling empowered when they practice at home, rather than confused.



I offer a free introductory lesson to all new students. Would you like more information? Click below to contact me:




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